How to link my Coinizy Card with my PayPal account?

Please note that you first need a Coinizy Card with at least $3 loaded on it. For this tutorial, we used a Digital Coinizy Card bought on Coinizy like any customer.

PayPal VCC

Step 2) Please log into your PayPal account and press "Add a card".

Verify PayPal Card

Step 3) You will need to fill in the form using the exact payment details of your card.

Verify PayPal

Step 4) Your card will then appear among the list of your PayPal account's available funding methods. Please click on the card as shown below.

PayPal debit card

Step 5) Select "Confirm the card."

PayPal Virtual Card

Step 6) A confirmation page will appear, notifying you of the small amount PayPal will try to charge to your card in order to verify its validity. You can press "OK".

PayPal Prepaid Debit Card

Step 7) PayPal just charged a random amount between 0 and $3 to your Coinizy Card and is now asking you to find out a confirmation code associated with the debit line in your card transactions history.

VISA Debit Card

Step 8) The transaction history is accessible from your card main page ([co.ntent]route=card_home,name= View your card ,type=internal_link[/content] You'll then be able to find out the debit line previously mentioned earlier:

Bitcoin Debit Card

Final step) Type the 4 digits code on PayPal, and press OK. Congratulations, you just linked your Coinizy card with your PayPal account! You'll now be able to use your Coinizy Card as a funding method for any purchase you'll make using PayPal, including cases where your PayPal balance is not sufficient to cover the order amount. VISA Debit Card